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This is a a gallery of pics of my truck, and some others that I found.



And after that...


Front shot

Rear Cargo

Its all in the "e"

Side Shot



I just love those floor mats!

SmittyBuilt Grill Guard with KC Daylighters

Just In Case!

I love this picture.

(Left to right) Lineberger, Foote(me), and Bart

My new truck

THIS IMAGE WONT DELETE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me with dad...

Just a cool picture.

Me with Mom

Entering the mud.

Cool View.

on the "moguls"

Todd in his mothers Jeep, kinda looks like a Jeep advertisement doesnt it.

Other side.

This is my friend Greg with his Nissan Hardbody, I plan to have an article on this truck sometime once he is finished so stay tuned.

My Exs Front End all jacked up!

Steering Stabilizer...

Most Recent pic...

New Sideshot...